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Operations & Technology: Lack of oversight can cost you your business


Are out of line expenses dragging down your bottom line?

Is your technology division larger than a Fortune 1,000 company?

Would you rather go to the DMV rather than meet with the folks in technology?

Are customer retention costs increasing?

Are you losing customers faster than you can acquire them?


Having a killer product doesn't always guarantee sucess:

Radio Shack lost its most loyal customers due to poor customer service and lack of process controls.

Altec Lansing had a killer product line but eventually went bankrupt due to customer service complaints that were never acknowledged and acted on.


If your CIO is giving you reports showing things never looked better while customer service complaints and expenses are going up, your company, and your job, are in trouble!


If this sounds all too familiar, you have cause to be concerned. What appears to be cable company, ISP and user issues may actually be problems within your technology division, such as unauthorized or untext changes, hardware and software failures or process control issues.


Unless you take control of operations and technology, your business will trail competitors or ultimately fail while you try to figure out what went wrong.


We know the signs to look for, the process and control standards that need to be in place and can offer guidance to get your technology division under control before someone else is brought to take your place.